๐Ÿช™Token Utility

M2M native token isn't just in-game currency; it's the lifeblood of the "Magic 2 Master" universe. For an accurate representation of market conditions, the value of the token is adjusted in real time in the game allowing M2M to offer unique opportunities and create high token velocity through engaging in-game activities that keep players excited and engaged. An active token supply management strategy supports M2M high-velocity economy through a novel dynamic rewards system, where achievements and progress unlock tailored rewards, keeping both new and veteran players perpetually engaged.

Players obtain tokens through quests, battles, and exploration, spending them on items, land upkeep, and other activities. Here are a few of the key examples.

How players obtain and spend tokens:

Quests - with 300 levels of gameplay, M2M is filled with endless quests from mini quests to complete solo, to massive adventures that require a full guild of heroes playing together. For surviving and completing the quest (typically ending with a boss), players will get loot composed of gold and items.

Hunting - Also called farming, the MMORPG standard way of obtaining exp, gold and small items. Players will spend hours hunting for gold, items and XP.

Battles - Obtain revenge on another player in a PvP battle to win gold and loot or trigger special PvE battle rewards. Team up with your team or temporary allies to engage in large scale and even server scale PvP battles.

Land Upkeep - Players will be able to buy and own land. Buy materials to build their dream home, store, self-aggrandizing monument, or host events for their guild. Gamers will pay regular upkeep for the land they own.

Guilds - An essential part of any MMO, guilds will charge their own tax, raise funds for the team, buy teamwide buffs and items, and host their own shops and events.

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