Patch Notes V2.0.0.2

New Features:

  • Results achieved in Battlegrounds and trophies earned by the character will now appear in a separate tab within the Profile window.

  • The small map in the upper right corner during Battlegrounds has been updated:

  • The entire battlefield is now continuously visible.

  • The background of the small map can be hidden using the eye icon in the upper left corner.

  • Elements in the Group interface can now be moved, locked, unlocked, and restored to the original order through the settings interface.

  • Gameplay-enhancing modifications include changes to the Wizards's Lightning Invocation ability cooldown, adjustments to the range of Petrun's Black Stone ability, and reduction of the range of the Fire Strike ability to 3.5 meters.

  • Trophies earned will now be displayed in a pop-up window.

  • Runes will no longer provide XP beyond certain level limits:

• WuZhein Run - Level 150 • Minotaur Run - Level 200 • Naga Run - Level 260

  • Buffs will now be applied to the character using the ability when an opponent is selected, and the selection will not change.

  • The effects of Sword Energy and Blade Energy will only affect basic attacks, not abilities, providing better balance among classes.

  • User characters can now use the Soul-Depleting Scroll on each other's items, regardless of which character the item is linked to.

  • Mob levels will now be displayed in the list visible on the map.

  • The window at the Wise Monk will now show the remaining time until the next reset opportunity.

  • Sound effects have been added to item upgrades.

  • Various improvements have been made to the ongoing BATTLEGROUND system testing, including display enhancements, notifications, penalties for leaving early, and more.

Auction House Updates:

In addition, changes have been made to the Auction House:

  • The size of the "Sell" and "Buy" buttons in the auction trader's window has been increased.

  • Adjustments have been made to the GUI for an improved user experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the system did not record victories and defeats in Power Hunting.

  • Replaced the warning text when exiting observer mode for clarity.

  • Fixed a bug allowing players to sign up for unauthorized game modes in battlegrounds.

  • Corrected an issue where players were mistakenly placed in a Battleground group when observing.

  • Fixed inaccuracies in the display of victories and defeats in the statistics GUI.

  • Fixed an issue preventing a fair distribution in battle formation.

  • The Battleground observer mode scoreboard now updates continuously.

  • Fixed a gap in the Wolf Shaman and Dock Quarter terrain.

  • Fixed a mechanism where bosses' lives were reloaded when the threat seemed to cease.

  • Corrected the movement speed bonuses to ensure they always take effect.

  • Addressed an issue where long texts in the chat were not fully visible until resizing the window.

  • Fixed a bug where Intelligence did not properly affect the Petrun Disable ability.

  • Two Greater Warehouse bonuses can now be active simultaneously.

  • Corrected the second hit of the Wizards bots, which was not dealing damage correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the merged inventory that occasionally shifted during movement.

  • Adjusted the lighting of the character menu button to only illuminate when there are abilities or stat points to allocate.

  • Resolved graphical glitches in the Witch Queen's domain.

  • Fixed demon gates that occasionally got stuck, not attacking and continuously restoring their lives.

  • Fixed a bug where items could be lost if there was insufficient space during trade withdrawal.

  • The music now resumes in the Witch Queen's domain.

  • Corrected a graphical glitch during stealth where character faces could distort.

  • Improved the reliability of the Online GM list to ensure accurate representation of GMs.

  • Fixed misplaced quest NPCs on the map.

  • The attack value of Petrun's Flame Sparks ability will now display correctly.

Important Note: In-game improvements take effect immediately, but it is recommended to restart the Steam client for effective correction. Update details

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