Patch Notes V2.1.1.0

Stacking and Item Management:

  • Increased Stack Limits: The stacking capacity for Gold, Platinum, and other bars has been increased, allowing for more efficient inventory management.

  • Item Stacking Adjustments: War Hammer, Bone Horn, and Viking Battle Axe quest items can now be stacked up to 50 units each, facilitating easier storage and handling during quests.

NPC and Map Adjustments:

  • NPC Reorganization: NPCs in town areas across world maps have been restructured. Key NPCs are now centralized in the Capital, while regional areas will feature quest-specific NPCs.

  • Wolfshaman Map Redesign: The layout of the Wolfshaman's large atlas has been updated with corrected pathways, enhancing navigational clarity.

Combat and Environment Dynamics:

  • Cloak of Courage Update: After using the Cloak of Courage, aggressive creatures will now instantly appear nearby, intensifying combat encounters.

  • Damage Balancing: The damage output of the Obsessed creature and Phantom warrior has been balanced to ensure fair gameplay.

  • Poison Effect Modification: Poison effects now deal proportional damage and consume mana, adding strategic depth to combat.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • GUI Enhancements: Visual adjustments have been made to the loading screen and the loot collection window, improving overall user interface aesthetics.

  • Character Selection Screen: Changes have been made to the GUI on the character selection screen for a more intuitive user experience.

  • PLAYER Marker Redesign: The design of the "PLAYER" marker on the large atlas has been updated for better visibility and style.

  • Mount Combat Restrictions: The ability to attack while mounted has been partially restricted to balance gameplay dynamics.

  • Mount PVP Bonuses Removed: All portable mounts have had their PVP bonuses removed and converted into movement speed bonuses, standardizing movement enhancements.

PvP and Accessibility Adjustments:

  • Capital Zorandor PvP Disabled: PvP functionality has been disabled in the Capital Zorandor to foster a safe and neutral zone for all players.

  • Music Function Fix: An issue with the music functionality in the family dynasty system settings has been corrected, ensuring audio settings operate as intended.

Quest and Item Access:

  • Crystal Requirements: Entry to the Witch Queen map now requires a Purple Crystal from the Wolf Shaman map. Additionally, entry to the Cursed Warlord now requires a Blue Crystal from the Witch Queen map.

  • ItemShop Button Removal: The button connecting the item bag to the ItemShop storage has been removed, simplifying the interface.

Character Creation Enhancements:

  • Expanded Character Naming Options: The range of permissible characters during character creation has been expanded to include numbers 0-9 and special characters such as á, í, ű, ő, ü, ö, ú, ó, é, and their uppercase counterparts, along with *, _, and -.

  • Increased Name Length: The allowable length for character names has been extended from 16 to 20 characters, offering players greater flexibility in naming their characters.

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