Patch Notes - V.1.5.5

Player Client (Major Update Included: v1.5.1, v1.5.2 v1.5.3, v1.5.4) This section contains changes specific to the Player Client. New Features

  • new: Steam account with login activated. (Steam API)

  • new: Zorandor city view has been changed. It now looks more specific and beautiful.

  • new: Changed the wolf shaman forest.

  • new: The 2nd floor maze in Queen Naga Run has been randomized (will change constantly)

  • new: New clan map (Bernerwald) included in the game.

  • new: +20 new items added to the game.

  • new: The +10 upgrade feature on Naga equipment has been added to many items.

  • new: King Guivre valley has been better organized.

  • new: Inventory expansion feature has been added. With the item required to expand inventory, you can increase the number of inventory slots to 120 or 150 for a certain period of time. (Stocked)

  • new: Player client 2.0, a C#-based player client wrapper that is simpler to use and easier to maintain than the C++ version (which is still supported)

  • new: if the client disconnects due to network failure, the player client displays an error message (and no longer exits to the desktop without warning)

  • new: 'Open New Account' button added to player client

  • new: console, error and status callbacks are available to player clients. C++ player client uses the default implementation. C# player client provides its own implementation

  • new: Player client service directory connections are now made asynchronously, the world list is updated in real time, and users have the option to interrupt the process at any time to log into a world

  • new: Added toggle to suppress errors during service directory connection, which avoids unnecessary error dialogs and is only used to generate a fatal error if no service directory can be contacted.

  • new: player client login UI with “Remember Me?” support and art. This information is stored in the registry under HKCU/Software/Laniatus Engine Player

  • new: Some changes have been made on the GUI side.

• Removed the "INFO" button at the bottom right of the screen, which was always visible. Now it will only appear when there is a notification. • The GUI scale has been reduced so that the figures take up less space on the screen. • Reduced the size of the buttons. They will look nicer now. Corrections

  • fix: Fixed localization not working and not showing up.

  • fix: Added camera shake and recoil during character hit.

  • fix: Fixed a delayed restocking issue with currencies.

  • fix: Fixed an issue where the mirror would not appear broken when collecting mirror shards during the Naga run.

  • fix: VRAM tests have been done and RAM scaling has been fixed.

  • fix: The player client now handles ALT key combinations

  • fix: login UI was way larger than displayed background, even though it was automatically resized

  • fix: added owned device context flag to prevent issue with incorrectly drawn or missing windows elements


  • change: the default URIs of the 'create new account' and 'reset password' options can be overridden by adding appropriate game.set configuration entries

  • change: player client API interface changed due to parameter data type cleanup.


  • fix: Fixed an issue where the screen would hang when you minimized the game client.

  • fix: Graphics API support has been added (Vulkan, OpenGL, Directx 11)

  • fix: Fixed LRC remote repository cache long term synchronization bug.

  • fix: mouse cursor handling was buggy in both player clients and was "fixed" via incorrect #ifdefs in the client engine

  • fix: in both player clients the mouse cursor was not correctly set and restored during client connection

  • fix: The service directory connection no longer signals an error if a single connection attempt fails immediately.

The latest test computer information: Operating System Name Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logic Processor(s) Physical Memory (RAM) 8.0 GB 1st Graphic: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (Minimum: 30 Maximum 53 FPS) 2st Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (Minimum: 47 Maximum: 167 FPS) According to the analysis on the current test PC, the game was tested with 3 different operating systems. Previously supported Windows XP support has been removed. Currently a minimum of Windows 7 Professional and above is supported. Analysis results will always be kept up to date.

Important Note: In-game improvements take effect immediately, but it is recommended to restart the Steam client for effective correction. Update details

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