Patch - Major V2.0.0.0

Audio and Visual Improvements:

  • The attack and combat sounds for all male and female characters have been revamped, creating a more immersive atmosphere.

  • Extensive work has been done on the in-game User Interface (UI) and graphic sounds, enriching both visual and auditory experiences.

  • Mixer issues on certain maps have been resolved, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Basic Abilities window to stop working

  • The 'Emotions' tab in the character window has been permanently removed.

Class Balancing and Statistic Adjustments:

  • The power balance of the Warrior class has been reassessed, and statistical buffs have been recalibrated.

  • Class names have been updated to reflect the changes: Warrior, Petrun, Assassin, and Wizard.

  • In addition to "Vit" (Vitality), "Str" (Strength), "Int" (Intelligence), and "Dex" (Dexterity) you will find new stats in the official game version. These are;

    1. Agility (Agl): Represents the character's ability to react and maneuver quickly.

    2. Resilience (Res): Indicates the character's resistance and durability, with higher scores taking less damage.

    3. Stealth (Ste): Represents the character's stealth and camouflage abilities.

    4. Charist (Cha): Indicates the character's charm, leadership skills and power of influence.

Various Game Improvements:

  • The Hero Point factor, which is obtained from mobs in addition to Experience, has been changed to Spirit Points (naming only)

  • Various in-game bugs and translation-related errors have been rectified.

  • Portuguese, Polish, French, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Romanian languages have started to be included in the soft launch of the game.

  • Footstep sounds while characters walk have been fixed, enhancing the visual experience.

  • The training mission on Quarantine Island (unless the Orc hunt is completed) will no longer teleport to the Capital.

  • The marriage level for characters has been increased to 90, and divorced characters now have to wait 14 days before remarrying.

  • Married character couples now receive an additional +%8 experience and spirit point bonus.

  • More hints are now provided for the completion of certain quests.

  • The Petrun female character class has received a visual improvement and a new default hairstyle.

Graphic Quality Improvements:

  • The quality of all 2D/3D textures has been enhanced, ensuring compatibility with DX11 and elevating the visual experience.

Class-Specific Skill Updates:

  • Visual improvements and balance adjustments have been made to numerous skills for the Warrior, Petrun, Assassin, and Wizard classes.

  • A camera shake effect has been added to the attack animation for all Warrior class characters.

  • Various updates and new features have been introduced to the skills of the Petrun class.

  • Balance adjustments and visual enhancements have been made to the skills of the Wizard class.

  • Changes have been implemented to the skills of the Assassin class.

Character class improvement details:

The Warrior character class will no longer be able to use these abilities without a valid target.

  • Dark Powers: Deadly Dance

  • Warriors of Light: Thunder

  • Neutral: Bash, Doom Charge, Triple Slash, Thunder, Stunning Blade

  • The 'Inner Powers' and 'Blessed Armor' abilities of the Warrior character class have been visually improved and camera shake has been added.

  • Changes have been made to the 'Bash Perfect' ability of the Warrior character class, adding camera shake and a knockback function for the opponent. Knockback works when the ability reaches the last level.

  • The Warrior Stomp ability will now drop to the ground and push back.

  • Warrior 'Doom Charge' ability will now knock down.

The Petrun character class will no longer be able to use these abilities without a valid target.

  • Dark Powers: Purge

  • Neutral: Black orb, Black Attack, Black Strike

  • Petrun 'Black Strike' ability grants camera concussion and now grants knockback.

  • Petrun 'Tornado' ability grants camera concussion and provides knockback.

  • Petrun 'Flames' ability provides camera shake and now hits random targets accurately.

  • Petrun 'Magicial Armor' provides camera shake and the stun resistance effect now works correctly.

  • Petrun 'Black Armor' provides camera shake and VFX loss that previously occurred no longer occurs.

  • Petrun 'Fire Strike' ability provides camera shake and deals knockdown and area damage. This ability gradually increases in VFX from level 1 to level 40.

  • Petrun 'Purge' ability now not only dissolves the spell on the opponent, but also causes the opponent to lose keyboard control for 3.2 seconds. Purge now appears as a buff in the top-left icons and target-bar for 3.2 seconds. Purge lasts for 3.2 seconds and has a cooldown of 16 seconds.

  • Petrun 'Spirit Strike' ability now provides camera shake and Knockback effect only after level 30.

  • Petrun 'Black Attack' no longer deals Knockdown, but gradually stuns and deals area damage. At the last level, the stun damage is 2.5 seconds.

The Wizard character class will no longer be able to use these abilities without a valid target.

  • Dark Powers: Lightning Summon

  • Warriors of Light: Lightning Claw,

  • Neutral: Rising Dragon, Dragon Throw

  • Wizard 'Lightning Summon' ability deals area damage and camera shake at close range. Has a stun effect for up to 2.5 seconds depending on luck.

  • Wizard 'Doom Ring' ability provides camera shake and deals area damage.

  • Wizard 'Lightning Throw' ability provides camera shake and deals area damage if in close range.

  • Wizard 'Healing' ability uses the current soundtrack when used. In the future, we will make this ability effective in groups.

  • The Wizard 'Reflection' ability's 'Change to Reflect Physical Attack' bonus, which was previously not working, now works.

  • The Wizard 'Speed' ability now also grants '+% Spell Speed' instead of just +% movement speed.

The Assassin character class will no longer be able to use these abilities without a valid target.

  • Warriors of Light: Poison Storm

  • Neutral: Deadly Wheel, Repeating Shoot, Burning Arrow, Backstab, Deadly Stab, Arrow Rain

  • When Assassin uses the 'Camouflage' ability, a blur 70% effect appears on the opponent's screen for 1.2 seconds. (for strategic moves)

  • Assassin 'Poisoned Arrow' ability grants camera shake.

  • Assassin 'Light Steps' ability grants camera shake and provides movement speed at the last level as well as a bonus to 'Attack speed' and 'Strength against Monsters'.

  • Assassin's 'Deadly Wheel' ability grants camera shake on every turn and creates knockback and knockdown effects.

  • Assassin 'Arrow Rain' ability stuns for 2.5 seconds at end level and deals area damage.

  • Assassin 'Deadly Stab' ability deals camera shake and knockback.

  • Assassin 'Burning Arrow' ability grants knockback with camera shake and now has a burning effect (passive buff 6 sec).

  • Assassin 'Backstab' ability now stuns for 2.5 seconds at last level.

Important Note: In-game improvements take effect immediately, but it is recommended to restart the Steam client for effective correction. Update details

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