Patch Notes V2.0.0.3

Welcome Messages:

  • Players will now be greeted with a warm welcome and concise descriptions for each field upon their initial login.

Event Information:

  • A newly designed GUI interface has been implemented, allowing players easy access to information about ongoing events.

Improvements to Gaming Experience:

  • Armor Empowerment: Master, Grandmaster, and Divine Armor have reacquired their prowess against demigods, now accessible as an optional extra.

  • Bonus Health Addition: Bonus health can now be infused into equipment that originally possessed a health bonus.

  • Clan Invitation Control: Players can now toggle off clan invitations directed towards them.

  • Inactive Player Messaging: Enhanced visibility for messaging inactive players.

Map Enhancements:

  • The Wolf Shaman Forest map now features the lumberjack.

  • The marriage map has undergone aesthetic enhancements for a more beautiful and atmospheric experience.

  • Graphical optimizations applied to Lost Empire, Wu Zhein Run, and Land of the Dead.

  • Trees on several maps have received appearance changes.

XP Retention:

  • Level 1 characters no longer experience XP loss upon death.

Quest Improvements:

  • Destinations of quests are now marked on the large map for improved navigation.

New Music: Added new music tracks to Land of the Dead and Minotaur Run. UI and Design Enhancements:

  • The "BAG" button on the inventory bag has been permanently removed for a cleaner UI.

  • Auction house GUI design has been improved.

Mission-related Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where mission text would not appear when saving.

  • Saved quest lines are no longer grayed out.

  • Isolated missions, such as quarantine island missions, now appear in the list of available missions.

Run-related Bug Fixes:

  • Chat typing restriction in the fourth room of a Minotaur run has been resolved.

  • NPC teleportation issue in one end of the Demon Catacomb has been fixed.

  • Fixed Black Strike INT dependency.

  • Various fixes for Naga Run, including King Mino's ghost appearance and mob visibility.

  • WZ Run rewards distribution issues have been addressed.

  • Statues in WZ Run can now consistently pick up the keystone.

Creature Behavior Enhancement:

  • Ork Creatures in Quarantine Island and Curse Warlord's Mountain: Repetitive animations have been removed. Ork creatures now exhibit random and unpredictable movements for a more dynamic gaming experience.

Other Additions:

  • Mounts: New mounts introduced, including Black Unicorn, Naga Snake (in blue, white, and brown colors), and Bat (with orange and brown colors).

  • Mount Removal: Raptor, Armored Raptor, Sheep, and Deer have been temporarily removed for restoration and repair.

  • New Mount Name: Naga Snake Mount!

Additional Feature:

  • Training Tips Disable Option: New players on the quarantine island can now choose to disable the training tips that appear on their screens.

Important Note: In-game improvements take effect immediately, but it is recommended to restart the Steam client for effective correction. Update details

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