Patch Notes - v1.6.0.0

Character abilities

  • Increased the recharge time of the Shaman Heal ability from 20 to 40 seconds.

  • Increased the recharge time of the Shaman Lightning Claw ability from 15 to 20 seconds.


  • Optimized the Wolf Shaman forest.

  • Optimized the Minotaur Fortress.

  • Optimized the Witch Queen Forest.

  • Optimized the Lost Empire

  • Optimized in the Land of the Dead


  • Greatly increased the amount of gold you can get from your opponents (all maps)

  • Wildar, Eormenor and Mino's spirit chests now have optolos.

  • Optolo gear is now more likely to be available from the Naga Queen and Spider Queen chests.

  • The description of the gold bar now shows its value converted to gold.

  • The price of optolos has been reduced by 50%

  • The Cloak of Courage is now available for trade.

  • Magic stone now gives a percentage mana bonus ( 10% - 30% )

  • Defense Stone now gives a percentage defense bonus ( 10% - 30% )

Battleground Arena

  • Achievements in Battleground as well as trophies obtained by the character are now displayed as separate tabs in the Profile window.

  • We have changed the small map that appears in the top right corner under the battlegrounds: - The entire battleground will be continuously visible. - The background of the small map can be removed using the eye icon in the top left corner.

  • The elements of the group UI can now be moved, the settings UI can be unlocked and the original layout can be restored using the corresponding buttons.

Issue Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where Power Hunting losses and gains were not being recorded.

  • Improved the clarity of the warning text when exiting Observer mode.

  • Resolved a bug that allowed players to sign up for the Battlegrounds game mode, which is currently not permitted.

  • Fixed the situation where players were being placed in one of the Battleground groups even as spectators.

  • Corrected the display of actual values for wins and losses in the stats GUI.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an uneven distribution when creating battles.

  • Continuously updated the Battleground Observer Mode leaderboard.

  • Closed a gap in Wolf-Shaman and the Harbor neighborhood.

  • Enhanced the mechanism that refills the lives of bosses when they no longer perceive a threat.

  • Improved Movement Speed bonuses to apply in all situations.

  • Addressed the issue where typing long texts in chat would hide the full text until the window was resized.

  • Fixed a bug where Intelligence was not properly affecting Petrun's Disable ability.

  • Resolved the conflict where two Big Warehouse bonuses could be active simultaneously.

  • Corrected the damage output of Shaman staffs' 2nd hit.

  • Fixed the issue where the linked inventory would sometimes shift while moving.

  • Adjusted the character menu button lighting to only appear when there is a skill or stat point ready to be deployed.

  • Addressed various graphical issues in the Witch Queen's area.

  • Fixed instances where characters would become stuck in demon gates, not attacking, and their health would constantly replenish.

  • Prevented item loss when there was insufficient space to repack items during a withdrawn trade.

  • Restored the music in the Witch Queen's Realm.

  • Fixed a graphical bug that caused characters' faces to shatter while in hiding.

  • Improved the reliability of the online GM list, ensuring that GMs consistently appear on the list and reflect their availability accurately.

  • Resolved inaccuracies in the map placement of certain quest NPCs.

  • Corrected the displayed attack value for the Petrun Flame Shards ability.

  • Fixed a bug in Naga Run that caused the Minotaur ghost to slide on the ground instead of walking.

  • Fixed an issue where the Master of Stone Evasion stone would give Defense instead of Dodge.

  • Fixed a special fix has been implemented due to the game maps loading late. (Required Steam update)

  • Fixed an issue where the icons of some power stones were duplicating each other.

  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck on the login screen.

  • Fixed a walking issue in the capital city due to a collider calculation issue. (Arena Stairs)

  • Fixed an issue that caused remnants to remain on maps after events ended.

World Improvements:

  • Changed the visual design of the capital city, removed the collider for walking and crossing issues in some areas.

  • Fixed the sound effect issue with small pools and torches in the capital city map.

  • Fixed a bug in 'terrain' in the Wolfshaman Forests that caused the player character to fall off the map.

NPC and Quest Improvements:

  • "Market Place Manager" NPC's name has been changed to 'Market Place'.

  • A special indicator has been placed on the 'Market Place' NPC's to indicate that it is related to trade.

  • On the quarantine island, 'Healer' has been placed in the teleport area in the Capital for those who were unable to deliver the 'Report for Healer' quest.

  • Fixed a quest bug that prevented access to King Guivre valley.

  • Improved the design of the Petrun character.

Fixing In-Game Bugs:

  • Fixed a bug x8492E-CODE that caused the item to disappear when upgrading items.

  • Fixed a signing bug that caused heclient.dll to be deleted on client startup (restart steam for this)

  • A new setting has been selectively added to the "**ESC>Game options>target board**" tab so that when the target is right-clicked, their current rate will appear above the HP and Mana bars.

  • Fixed a screen GUI bug x8491E-CODE related to PlayerHUD.

  • Fixed a slippage in Sculp.

  • Fixed a GUI bug overriding mouse sensitivity.

  • Fixed a bug where the cursor would not appear in the game when you selected the original mouse cursor.

  • Fixed a script bug that was blocking the countdown timer when you log in to Naga Run.

Difficulty Levels and Group Requirements:

  • Minotaur Run has been reduced from requiring a group of at least 4 people to 2 for playtest servers.

  • Wuzhein Run has been reduced to 2 people for playtest servers, requiring a group of at least 5 people.

  • Fixed a bug that increased the difficulty of the "Black Wolf" gangs on Quarantine Island and reduced them to normal level (they die easily now).

Various Improvements:

  • Fixed multiple bugs in English translations.

  • Fixed a bug when adding stones to items (Armor and Weapons).

  • Fixed a bug that was causing items (Armor and Weapons) to constantly break when adding gems.

  • The limit of 5 character creation per account has been increased to 25 on playtest servers.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ,,Black Wolf'' mobs on Quarantine Island to give 100% poisoning.

  • Increased the XP and HeroPoint rates given out by ,,Black Wolf'' mobs on Quarantine Island.

  • Caching speed of loading screens (loading_screen) has been increased. So you will be able to log in faster.

  • PerCCU (per player) server calculation technical values have been upgraded to improve ping, lag and loss issues by 30.004%.

  • The DirectX-based advanced optimization module has been installed on the server, so it now offers a better graphics-based display.

Important Note: In-game improvements take effect immediately, but it is recommended to restart the Steam client for effective correction. Update details

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