Patch Notes V2.1.2.0

Adjustments and Additions

  • Added: "Lost Map" item now has a 15% drop chance from the Harkoon boss.

  • Added: Entry to the Dead of Deadland now requires 2 Shell items.

  • Adjusted: Dungeon entry requirements for items have been streamlined across various locations.

  • Adjusted: Experience, gold, and glove drop rates have been recalibrated.

  • Adjusted: Maximum level for Witchqueen encounters set to 45.

  • Adjusted: Entry level for Cursed Warlord increased from 40 to 45, with a new cap at level 90.

  • Adjusted: Maximum entry level for Lost Empire raised from 110 to 130.

  • Adjusted: Entry levels for Dead of Deadland set between minimum 90 and maximum 120.

  • Adjusted: Entry requirement for Spider Dungeon now includes "Magic Scroll" x1.

  • Adjusted: Entry level range for Spider Dungeon set from 145 to 230.

  • Adjusted: Entry level range for Naga Palace set from 165 to 280, now requires "Opal" item for access.

  • Adjusted: Entry requirements for Minotaur Map now include cyan monster mask x1, red monster mask x3.


  • Fixed: An issue that prevented the "insufficient mana warning" from displaying at level 1 of the Sword Energy ability in the Warrior class's Neutral skill group, even when there was no mana.

  • Fixed: Inventory lock issue when acquiring problematic items.

  • Fixed: Translation error in Dark Lord Horn.

  • Fixed: Scaling and visibility issues with character and NPC name HUDs.

  • Fixed: Font scaling between general and unique NPC name tags.

  • Fixed: Issue causing local and dynasty flags to remain on-screen during teleportation.

  • Fixed: Environmental clipping through a large rock next to the forest house in Wolf Shaman Forest.

  • Fixed: Overlapping creature spawns in Witch Queen map.

  • Fixed: "TEST TEST" placeholder text in Healer NPC dialogues in the capital city.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Reduced: Area of effect and radius for Poison Cloud and Deadly Wheel abilities.

  • Changed: Animation for Deadly Stab, Backstab, and LightStep abilities to enhance visual clarity and combat feedback.

  • Fixed: An issue with Harpies' sizing in the Minotaur Dungeon.

  • Improved: Health and durability of creatures in Wolf Shaman and Witch Queen forests.

Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Increased: Stack limits for Life Elixir and Mana Elixir from 200 to 1000.

  • Modernized: Player level indicator in name tags for a sleeker appearance.

  • Removed: Level notation from GM/admin character names, now displaying rank only.

  • Adjusted: NPC arrangement for initial quest givers in the capital.

  • Reduced: Overcasting shadows from epic trees in the capital to prevent excessive shadowing.

Graphics and Performance

  • Optimized: LOD Factor settings for Wolf Shaman, Witch Queen, and Land of The Dead maps.

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