Patch Notes - V.1.5.6

Server & Network Version: v100.5H Client Version: E2.1.0 New content:

Zorandor city view has been updated with specific and beautiful visuals, enhancing the overall player experience. The wolf shaman forest has undergone changes, improving its design and gameplay elements. The 2nd floor maze in Queen Naga Run is now randomized, providing dynamic and constantly changing challenges for players. King Guivre valley has been reorganized to offer a better-organized and more immersive gameplay environment. Added a new clan map called "Bernerwald" to the game, providing players with fresh challenges and exploration opportunities within the clan territory. World and Environment:

  1. Enhanced the game's visual appeal by adding decorations inside houses across the world.

  2. Improved teleport marker clarity on the map by specifying the destination, such as "Spider Dungeon Teleport."

UI/UX Improvements:

  • Added a task tracking window in the corner of the screen for easy access and monitoring of in-progress quests.

  • Adjusted the teleportation effect to reduce its brightness and prevent discomfort for players' eyes during teleportation.

  • Increased the text size on quest and panel pop-ups for better readability, especially for visually impaired players.

  • Enlarged the NPC interaction window to offer quests and shopping options more prominently and improve user interaction.

Game Mechanics Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the attack speed value was not displayed for level 1 weapons.

  • Resolved an inconsistency between the number of potions displayed in the inventory and on the skill bar. Potions now update correctly when used.

  • Implemented a teleportation option for returning to the starting point on the first map for better navigation.

  • Added the ability to perform bulk item transactions while buying or selling items from NPCs.

  • Addressed a bug where the damage value for level 1 weapons reverted to the base value after upgrading them with "+".

  • Introduced an option to keep the item upgrade window open after each upgrade for easier item enhancement management.

Game Localization:

  1. Added a language selection option in the in-game settings to accommodate localization preferences.

  2. World and Environment:

  3. Enhanced the game's visual appeal by adding decorations inside houses across the world.

  4. Improved teleport marker clarity on the map by specifying the destination, such as "Spider Dungeon Teleport."

Inventory and Item Management:

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on "+" caused the entire stack of magic metal to disappear instead of adding just one.

  • Inventory expansion feature has been added. With the item required to expand inventory, you can increase the number of inventory slots to 120 or 150 for a certain period of time. (Stocked)

  • Improved the sensation of hitting enemies in the slots for a more engaging combat experience.

  • The +10 upgrade feature on Naga equipment has been added to many items.

  • +20 new items added to the game.

Multiplayer and Social Interaction:

  • Implemented a feature to view the location of friends on the map for better coordination during multiplayer sessions.

  • Players can now pick up drops intended for their friends or transfer them to their friend's inventory if they are nearby.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with localization not working and not displaying correctly, ensuring proper language support.

  • Added camera shake and recoil during character hits to provide more realistic and immersive combat feedback.

  • Addressed a delayed restocking issue with currencies, resolving an economy-related bug.

  • Fixed an issue where the mirror would not appear broken when collecting mirror shards during the Naga run, improving visual consistency.

  • Rebalanced buffs given to shaman and warrior characters by Zeusz to ensure better gameplay balance and fairness.

  • Conducted VRAM tests and fixed RAM scaling for improved performance and stability.


  • Fixed an issue where the screen would hang when minimizing the game client, improving overall user experience.

  • Added support for multiple graphics APIs, including Vulkan, OpenGL, and DirectX 11, offering players more options for optimizing their gaming experience based on their hardware.

  • Fixed a long term synchronization bug related to the LRC remote repository cache, ensuring smoother gameplay in the long run.

Note: This patch aims to address various issues and enhance the overall gameplay experience. We hope these improvements make your journey in the game more enjoyable and rewarding. Thank you for your valuable feedback and support!

Important Note: In-game improvements take effect immediately, but it is recommended to restart the Steam client for effective correction. Update details

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