Patch Notes V2.1.1.0 Hotfix Patch

Patch Notes - Comprehensive System and Visual Enhancements Fix: Corrected the Turkish translation error in the welcome quest title "BIGLI." Fix: Localized the large map in the Wolf Shaman Forest to adapt to the user's language settings. Interface and Visualization Fixes: Fix: Enhanced the visualization of HP/MP indicators on the lower left side of the screen. Fix: Added a new Stamina indicator beneath the HP/MP bars. Fix: Redesigned figures on the left and right sides of the user interface. Fix: Overhauled the Inventory, Character window, and all GUI/UI elements for improved clarity and usability. Fix: Removed the emotions tab from the character properties window. Fix: Improved the readability and clarity of character stat distributions. Fix: Addressed an intermittent issue where buttons in the character properties window were non-responsive. Fix: Fixed a critical bug where NPC body parts would remain immobile after animations in various city locations. This fix ensures that all NPC animations transition smoothly, maintaining immersion and visual consistency. Fix: Increased the font size of NPC names to enhance readability. Fix: Corrected the issue where the placeholder text "NPC" was visible before the actual names of NPCs/MOBs were rendered in the game environment. This adjustment ensures that names are displayed seamlessly as soon as the NPCs/MOBs enter the rendering area, enhancing immersion and clarity. Fix: Adjustments have been made to the size and visibility of Harpies within the Minotaur Dungeon. Harpies that were previously invisible due to rendering issues are now fully visible. Negative Buff Effect Adjustment: Fix: Corrected a bug where the poison effect would reduce a character's current HP to 1 but not result in death. With this fix, the poison effect can now potentially bring a character's health to zero, allowing for character fatalities. This change ensures the poison mechanic works as intended, making it a more significant threat in gameplay scenarios. PvE Poison Duration Reduction: The duration of the poison effect in PvE (Player vs. Environment) scenarios has been reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. PvP Poison Effect Unchanged: There have been no changes to the duration or impact of the poison effect used by the Ninja class in PvP (Player vs. Player) scenarios. Gameplay and Mechanics Fixes: Fix: Resolved a bug preventing the character creation scene from displaying for the Warrior class. Fix: Adjusted and standardized the scale ratio in the Black Dragon's boss room; increased Aggro range and attack range to enhance combat dynamics. Fix: Improved the visual interface of the Abilities window. Combat Adjustments Fixes: Fix: Refined the frequency and conditions under which players are knocked down by the Witch Queen and The Cursed Warlord (Harkoon - Boss) to reduce frustration during boss fights. Home Function and Countdown Fixes: Fix: Enhanced visual clarity and adjusted countdown timers for the Home function:

  • Reduced the countdown for using the Home button in world areas from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

  • Increased the countdown for exiting dungeons via the Home button from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

  • Extended the countdown for leaving battlegrounds via the Home button from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

  • Removed the cooldown period for the Home button, making it continuously usable.

PvP and Dynasty Settings Fixes: Fix: Ensured all dynasties in the Imperial Palace are now neutral and cannot engage in PvP. Visual and Button Clarity Fixes: Fix: Enhanced the readability of buttons within the GUI/UI to ensure clear visibility across all interfaces. Class Ability Update:

  • Ninja Class - Archer's Light Step Buff Enhancement: The 'Light Step' buff ability associated with the Archer within the Ninja class has been upgraded. This enhancement introduces a "Power against Monster" effect, increasing the effectiveness against monsters, alongside bonuses to Attack Speed. These new features are aimed at enhancing the Ninja class's performance in PvE (Player vs. Environment) situations, improving both combat dynamics and efficiency.

New Boss Levels Introduced:

  • Pig Prince: A new boss level featuring the Pig Prince has been added, expanding the roster of unique and challenging adversaries in the game.

  • King Guivre: Another new boss level, King Guivre, has been included, offering players fresh strategic challenges and engaging combat experiences.

Performance Improvements:

  • Minotaur Fortress: Significant improvements have been made to the environmental fluidity within Minotaur Fortress, addressing previous issues that caused FPS drops, thereby ensuring a smoother and more stable performance.

  • Demon Gates Bug Fix: A specific Sentry3D error that occurred when players attacked Demon Gates has been corrected. This fix prevents unexpected graphical glitches and improves the stability of game effects. Software and Compatibility Fixes:

  • Game Recognition in Third-Party Applications: Resolved compatibility issues with GeForce Experience and ASUS Armory Crate, OBS etc. This fix ensures that the game is properly displayed and recognized in these popular gaming software applications, enhancing user accessibility and experience.

Equipment Balancing:

  • A formula error that caused non-Mystic weapons such as the Ghost Weapon, Dagger, Fan, Staff, and Bow to grant bonuses higher than intended, particularly in comparison to Mystic Weapons, has been corrected.

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