๐Ÿ“ˆSustainable Economic Balance

M2Mโ€™s economic model dynamically adjusts the in-game gold's value in response to real-world market changes, safeguarding equitable gameplay and preserving the integrity of players' in-game achievements. This dynamic adjustment mechanism is crucial for maintaining a balanced and thriving in-game economy.

  • Dynamic Price Adjustment - The price of gold may fluctuate with the market, but so will the rewards (hunting, loot, etc) and in-game prices. This ensures that the time a player spends is properly rewarded and market inflation or deflation is represented accurately in the game.

  • In-Game Token Use Cases - Described above as the many ways players can spend gold. Other methods will be in-game staking.

  • Token Burning Mechanism - The in-game gold is inflationary and will be released as players are rewarded for actions. However as more players enter the game, token velocity will increase. Through the many ways to spend, a portion of all transaction fees will be burnt to ensure the economy is balanced and the token has healthy demand.

  • True Player Driven Economy - Because the growth of the economy requires hours of gameplay from all the players and because market conditions are represented in real time in the game, M2M will have a true player driven economy where playing is rewarded.

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