Patch Notes V2.1.0.0 Hotfix Patch

Patch Notes - Comprehensive Update

General Adjustments:

  • Cooldown Management: All class abilities now cannot be repeatedly used until their cooldown periods expire. Should your character perish post-ability activation, the cooldown will still need to be fully observed before reuse.

  • Global Cooldown Balancing: The cooldown dynamics for Archer class abilities requiring a bow have been harmonized across the board.

  • Audio Enhancements: We have refined the audio tones for attack actions across all classes, ensuring a more balanced auditory experience.

Visual/Sound Effect Adjustments (VFX/SFX) Issues ():

  • Petrun Class - Dark Protection: The VFX for the 'Dark Protection' ability of the Petrun class has been reimagined to enhance visual engagement.

  • Petrun Class - Ghost of Fire: Fixed an issue with the range of the Ghost Fire ability.

  • Warrior Class - Sword Energy: The visual effects (VFX) of the 'Sword Energy' ability for the Warrior character class have been significantly improved.

  • Warrior Class - Doom Charge Ability: The visual effects (VFX) for the 'Doom Charge' ability of the Warrior character class have been enhanced.

  • Warrior Class - Deadly Dance Ability: The visual effects (VFX) for the 'Deadly Dance' ability of the Warrior character class have been upgraded..

  • Wizard Class - Healing: Corrected a formulaic discrepancy that resulted in the Healing ability providing up to twenty times the intended health points (HP).

  • Wizard Class - Reflection: The buff effect of the 'Reflection' ability is now visibly apparent.

  • Wizard Class - Speed and Dragon Power: The buff effects have been distinctively redesigned to prevent visual similarity with the Archer's 'Light Step' ability. Furthermore, a bug causing the 'Dragon Power' buff effect to not display has been resolved, and its VFX has been modified.

  • Wizard Class - Attack: Due to an issue with the SFX, the visual design of the 'Attack' ability's VFX has been changed.

  • Assassin Class - Deadly Stab, Poison Storm, Light Step: The VFX for these abilities have been enhanced to provide a richer visual experience.

  • Wizard Class - Lighting Summon: Improvements have been made to the VFX. This ability no longer creates a knockback effect.

  • Self-Targeting in Combat: Players can now target themselves during combat using the TAB or CAPSLOCK keys.

  • Quest UI: The quest list accessible via the 'V' key has been temporarily disabled and is scheduled for an overhaul in the upcoming patch.

  • Equipment Visuals: High-level equipment now features an added shining effect to distinguish their superior quality.

  • Camera Control Fix: A bug causing the camera cursor to lock to the center of the screen when using the Right Mouse Button (RMB) has been corrected.

Specific Ability Adjustments:

  • Petrun Class - Deprivation: The dispell buff effect of the 'Purge' ability is now visibly displayed on the target.

  • Petrun Class - Fire Strike Ability: A critical issue in the formula calculation for the 'Fire Strike' ability of the Petrun character class has been corrected. Previously, this error caused the ability to inflict ten times the intended damage.

  • Spell Casting Delay: Following the use of the 'Dispel' ability, there will be a mandatory 3-second delay before any other abilities can be activated.

  • Tornado Ability Enhancement: Improvements have been made to the 'Tornado' ability for increased effectiveness.

  • Ghost of Fire - Level 4 Enhancement: For the Petrun class, the effect of the 'Ghost of Fire' level 4 ability will now persist beyond character death.

Equipment Improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where the "Wooden Axe, Wooden Staff, Wooden Knife", one of the starting items, was showing a Max wearable level of 5.

Teleportation and Transport Changes:

  • Naga Palace: The entry rules for Naga Palace have been updated. Players up to level 260 can enter, provided they possess the "Emerald" item. Entry for players above level 260 is now restricted to maintain the challenge within the intended level range.

  • Minotaur Fortress: Access to Minotaur Castle is now granted to players up to level 200 who hold the "Guardian Key" item. The castle is no longer accessible to players beyond level 200, ensuring the content remains appropriately challenging for the target player levels.

  • Spider Dungeon: The Spider Dungeon is open to players up to level 200 with the requirement of the "Spider Venom" item for entry. This dungeon is now off-limits to players above level 200, reinforcing the dungeon's challenge and exclusivity.

  • Wolf Shaman Forest: Entry to the Wolf Shaman Forest now incurs a fee of 100 gold, adjusted from the previous 0 gold requirement. This area is accessible to players up to level 40. Players beyond this level will find entry barred, keeping the forest's challenges suitable for lower-level adventurers.

  • Lost Empire: The "Lost Empire" item is now essential for accessing the Lost Empire. This area has set a cap, disallowing entry to players above level 110, thus preserving the intended difficulty and player experience within the empire.

  • Witch Queen Empire: The Witch Queen Empire now has an entry cap at level 55. Players beyond this level are restricted from entering, ensuring the gameplay remains balanced and engaging for the intended audience.

  • The Cursed Warlord: Access to The Cursed Warlord area is now exclusively available to players level 80 and below. This restriction is in place to maintain the difficulty level and ensure that the content provides the appropriate challenge for players within this level range.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to enhance gameplay and ensure a balanced competitive environment. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing your experiences to help us refine future updates.

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