๐Ÿ”ƒPatch Notes V2.1.0.0

1. Bosses and Dungeons:

  • General Dungeon Adjustments:

  • Reduced dungeon duration for Dragon Lord, Naga Run, Minotaur Run, and Wuzhein Run to enhance gameplay pace.

  • Group entry is now mandatory for Naga Run, Minotaur Run, and Wuzhein Run dungeons.

Boss Mechanics:

  • Witchqueen boss attack and defense mechanics have been refined.

  • Fixed an exploit allowing repeated use of physical attacks using the spacebar; cooldown added.

  • Dragon Lord is now immune to knockback effects.

2. Gameplay and Balance:

  • Character and Equipment:

  • Thief's Glove updated: 1% gold bonus, 3 HP Stealing, 25% drop chance bonus.

  • Experience ring effects adjusted: Standard 15%, Premium 25%.

  • Potion usage and effects of Red and Blue potions have been balanced.

  • Item enhancement ratios adjusted across different equipment types.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Skills can no longer be used without targeting.

  • Fixed a cooldown issue with consecutive skill uses.

  • Added cooldown for using the Tab key to target opponents.

3. Group and Guild Changes:

  • Group Mechanics:

  • Maximum group size increased from 8 to 10 members.

  • Distance requirement for earning experience within a group has been implemented.

Guild Systems:

  • Guild invest system activated.

  • Guild membership limits now increase with guild levels.

  • Guild news can now be posted and deleted by members without leader approval.

4. User Interface and Controls: Inventory and UI Enhancements:

  • Fixed an issue causing the fifth inventory slot to disappear after sequential expansions.

  • Buff icon sizes in the buff grid list increased for better visibility.

  • Mini Atlas is now dynamic and operates in real-time on the player client side.

Control Adjustments:

  • Camera rotation speed modified for smoother Q and E key interactions.

  • Group window can now be moved and detached using mouse drag.

5. Visual and Performance Improvements: Visual Adjustments:

  • Restored and visually enhanced Wolf Shaman Forest world.

  • Modified the visual design of the Witchqueen map and reduced collision counts.

  • Enhanced character meshes and equipment visuals.

  • Capital city layout redesigned for a more spacious environment.

Performance Fixes:

  • Addressed a memory error caused by inactivity while the client is running.

  • Fixed an issue with the specular reflection effect when armor is worn.

6. Miscellaneous Fixes: General Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing indefinite use of certain hair styles.

  • Resolved a client crash (MRA error) caused by prolonged inactivity in-game.

  • Removed a currency from the in-game money tab.

  • Fixed various issues including ghost passing through objects, perpetual potion effects, and incorrect buff applications.

Character and Interaction:

  • Solved a problem where characters above level 90 were being deleted.

  • Idle animation freeze after inactivity has been fixed.

  • Resolved an issue where staff characters remained visible on mini-map after turning invisible.

7. Event and Bonus Adjustments:

  • Experience and Loot Events:

  • XP bonus event will now provide 30% XP and Hero Points.

  • Loot bonus event set to grant 20% additional loot.

  • Gold bonus event adjusted to provide 30% more gold.

8. Technical and Bug Fixes: Bug Resolutions:

  • Fixed a buff preventing the Sand Dragon in the Battleground from dying.

  • Addressed collision issues causing passage through objects.

  • Remedied an error that prevented group entries into Battlegrounds and reduced minimum required opponents for solo battles.

Update details can be found here; https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/2292370/view/7129836059834497739?l=english

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